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Engine oil - It's more important than you would think

Your car's engine oil is it's lifeblood. It keeps the components lubricated and working efficiently, and it helps reduce the build up of carbon deposits from collecting on vital parts of the engine. Over time, as the oil repeatedly heats up and cools down, it begins to accumulate dirt, carbon deposits and tiny metal fragments from the engine. If the oil isn't changed regularly it eventually becomes less like a liquid and more like a thick black sludge. No matter how good the oil is, it degrades over time. All good oils contain complex additives, which are designed to prolong the life of the oil, but as these additives start to degrade the oil becomes more dirty and less able to protect your engine. When this happens the thick sludge leaves hard, black carbon leave deposits around the engine (see pictures). These deposits often result in blockages in the small oil feeds that carry the oil around the engine. When this happens expensive engine components are starved of lubrication and quickly fail. To prevent premature failure of your engine, you should always have your oil changed at the specified time or mileage intervals.

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