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Car Care Tips & Advice

Get the most out of your tyres

We now offer 4 wheel alignment using the latest wheel alignment equipment.

Correct wheel alignmet is vital for the handling and safety of your car. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause premature or uneven tyre wear.

Get the most out of your tyres. Book a wheel alignment check now on 01554 892775

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Engine oil - It's more important than you would think

Your car's engine oil is it's lifeblood. It keeps the components lubricated and working efficiently, and it helps reduce the biuld up of carbon deposits from collecting on vital parts of the engine.
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Check your Tyre Pressures

Twenty per cent of a car’s fuel consumption, or one tank in every five, is used to overcome the rolling resistance of tyres, but this increases if tyres are under-inflated. For commercial vehicles the figure is even higher with a fully loaded HGV using one third of its fuel in overcoming tyre rolling resistance.
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Checking Your Oil

One of the most overlooked aspects of car maintenance is checking your engine oil level. You should check your car's oil at least once a month.
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